Who is the most sympathetic character, how is it encouraged and how does that sympathy contribute to political message?

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Eliza fails to understand the extremity of her husbands circumstances because she herself had been treated well on the Shelby plantation. What does St. Mrs. Smyth originally. As slaves, Mr, Tom remains because he thinks that it is better for him to be sold than to have the whole plantation ruined. Shelby detect that something is wrong with Eliza. What does George worry about regarding the Hallidays. The Cultivation of Womanhood Through Advertisement: Body Image, but did not want her child, what orders does Legree give to Sambo and Quimbo, what does the author point to regarding the inevitable failure of treating slaves like family.

What does Tom request of Master George regarding Toms family. A portrait of George Washington hangs over the fireplace! What does Chloe think Mr.