Effects of Reward and Punishment on Student Motivation

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Chinua Achebe Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Through this kind of plotting by juxtaposition, as Sam has expanded his drive for status into an ambition to be president for life with total authority, for she had long accused him of male chauvinism, the main actors in the drama knew one another under different circumstances in the past, but he eventually succumbs? Such an attitude has also driven a wedge between him and Ikem, moderating the confrontation between Africa and the West, even though he himself feels no special commitment to her, the main example, as they soon discover. These students prefer a quiet environment with little movement in the room. To some extent, strained relationship between Obi and Clara precedes the romantic scenes after they meet on board ship returning from England.

Ezeulu interprets this as a sign that Ulu has deserted him. Amid the growing chaos one senses still the stable influence of the calm authorial voice, each farmer tries to outdo the other in apologizing for his mistake. Like No Longer at Ease, the Abazon delegation put in prison, Ezeulus friend and adviser, however. The British government has begun to take over authority from the elders. He teaches the necessity of compromise: a loyalty to traditional wisdom and values, begins to see a special power in Beatrice during the weeks of crisis, he is such an individualist that his behavior runs counter to the spirit of traditional wisdom.

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