Chilecon Valley Case Study

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Thompson Valley Towne Center

The 8 eight-acre gulch is on the property owned by the party to be negotiated with. If you read the material before class you will have an idea of what doesn't make sense, the right to first refusal is further complicated by the extended contract in the purchase agreement made with the developers? All shareholders in the project, the partnership of Holsapple and Marostica are not done dealing with the siblings, so they are looking to move into a new location. A consultant researched the situation and reported that the transitional zone would effectively mitigate the noise situation. The Loveland Planning Commission approved the development plan in June 98.

of Appeals said that they would hold the courts decision, if the decision were to be reversed by the federal court. Other considerations for this location involve a huge gulch and irrigation ditch lining the boundary on the southeast corner of the property. The Water Rights Appeals-The original sale of the land included the respected water rights on the land.

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